Happy Anniversary

For those who don’t want to read my long and drawn out rant about the year thus far here.



Happy April Fools

Conveniently for both your sanity and my life this isn’t a trick. I apologize for taking so long, especially since I’ve had this chapter done for at least a month, I just forgot to upload it for a while until finally I noticed the day was close to the first of April and thought, What the hay~


Try to be kind, volume 1 will soon be wrapping up there’s only an extra chapter left and a sidestory all of which I am convinced to post on my anniversary for this site, April 14th.

So without further complaints, pleas, and bargains here is your next chapter.

11/11 The struggle has ended

First let me just say, “We made it.” Its been a bumpy ride with these constant releases not to mention half of them weren’t completed in advance so it was like a mad dash for me and my editors to get halfway decent chapters out.


Thank you all for sticking around and seeing this adventure through with me. In case you’re wondering this will be the last post of the year as I don’t have the strength to pump out another chapter before New Years, so I won’t promise anything on that front either.

With all that said Here.

10/11 – That which is left

We’re almost there. Not much to say, here is your chapter.

9/11 – Another step towards the finish line

This chain of surprises is almost over, which means that I can finally get a good nights sleep, I apologize again for the rather… lacking size of the latest part of Youko Advent but the next few part will make up for it, promise.

Well regardless you don’t get another one today so be content with an appeasement chapter.

Praise where Praise is Due

I realize now that not everyone has seen that Youko Advent Volume 1’s cover has been finished and uploaded since the 20th. For this we have to thank my good friend “AkumaACE” (I’d have given a link to an art blog of his but they are mostly inactive so ya know… sucks. He should be doing all of the Official Art for YA in the foreseeable future so everyone should give a big round of applause and thanks to this wonderful friend. Below is the cover in both English and Chinese (Please note that Youko Advent is an English Web-serial).


cover fox EN


cover fox CN

8/11 – The last leg

Lets just put it out there, I’ve lasted a lot longer than I expected, this has taken a lot out of me (and tons out of my Undertale play time) but we’re almost done. You’ll have to excuse me for the rather short releases both today and yesterday but the last few days will be longer probably.


Keep on sticking around.


Oh right before I forget Here.

7/11 Slurpee Day

I actually sorta wish the title was true, even though its winter time my home is unnaturally hot to the point where I want to shout “THERE’S A REASON I DON’T LIVE IN FLORIDA” out the window. Today’s release is a new chapter of Youko Advent and is definitely the shortest I’ve produced this far, part two will be out soon but for now I have an excuse to keep practicing my fighting scenes.


Here ya go.

6/11 – The Gift of Timelyness

I’m gonna be honest I didn’t think I’d make it this far, not that I don’t have most of the work done but the special release that I wanted to have done by today was giving me a lot of trouble. But its here and thats one less thing to stress about.

Happy Holidays everybody I gift you with this.

5/11 The First Bump

Sorry to say but today I had a midge of a misscheduling, that is to say that the “Real” update that was meant for today will be held off till tomorrow followed by another “Real” update on Saturday.


For now you’ll be getting a short collection of poems that I wrote during the year 2015, I hope that’s good enough for you for now I’ll be back on schedule today hopefully.

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